Come on, baby, light my fire

Ahead of all your Valentines Day shenanigans, one piece of advice…Keep ‘er lit!

Betimes Books

Atomic Boy copy“Come with me, little girl,” said Fausto, leading me back inside. “I’ll light your candy cigarette for you.”

The easiness of us surprised me. I had thought a relationship with an Italian man would be fuelled by arguments and accusations, judging by the amount of couples I came upon in the street doing their impression of a Punch and Judy show. I hadn’t wanted to acknowledge the old stereotypes until I realized Italians wholly embraced them: women liked to be whistled at because it signified an appreciation of their femininity and the efforts they made with their appearance; men wore the lothario label proudly as a tribute to their manhood; both sexes considered outlandish exhibitions of jealousy a sign of devotion, and any reference to their highly strung personality was amended with the word ‘passionate’ and accepted with a shrug.

However, in Fausto, I had stumbled upon the antitype: reflective and…

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  1. I cannot say it enough- you have such a way with words! It is SUCH an inspiration!!

  2. Awww, so this is he…the dashing, disheveled but ruggedly appealing Signor Fausto! What a pleasure to meet him via your charming illustration ♥

    Lol…and I wonder? Does he still have that subtle Irish twang when he speaks English???

    Quite possibly a permanent impression in his speech now, flickering like a flame, unable to be put out…
    an ‘Irish candle’, so to speak, forever lit in his life…
    left burning by a certain, stylish Irish lass ♥

    Happy Valentine’s Day Jackie! And don’t forget to blow out any and all romantic candles…
    even the ones in the loo! ~xo

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