Australia, I’m Coming…

…just not in person. Nope. They’re sending Kat and Edward.

You see, Silk for the Feed Dogs is now on Kindle Promotion for a limited period in Australia!

Time to let everyone know Kat and Edward have landed. I’m calling all my Aussie blogging friends; poking on Facebook my fashion lovelies who are ahead of the trend by a whole other day; reconnecting with the Adelaide backpacker I met on a train in Austria when I was twenty-one; digging out the address of my old school pal whose family owned the town’s only ice-cream shop but who emigrated to Brisbane and left us ice-cream-less; tracking down the girl from my MA who dropped out and went off to save the Great Barrier Reef ( leaving us all behind to sew in rainy drizzly London)…Basically I’m asking anyone in the sixth largest country on the planet with its awesome displays of mountains, deserts, reefs, forests, beaches and bookstores to look out for the colorfully assorted pair and make sure they don’t get lost.

Let’s make this happen…I want to be Big Down Under. Bestseller lists. At least for one day.

I’m already daydreaming about the book tour…

Got any Australian friends who’re wondering what to read next?Australia Drawing 2Silk for the Feed Dogs, a novel set in the international fashion industry, and featuring two of the three characters above, is available in the US here and in Australia at promotional price here.


  1. winston moreton

    Was the 21 year old backpacker in Austria an Aussie? Good luck with the visit. What dates?

    • An Aussie, indeed he was 🙂
      Unfortunately I will not yet be visiting in person, not physically, myself not yet…ahem, no, they’re just sending Kat and Edward for now but I’m hopeful…ever hopeful…

  2. So will the book be called Silk For The Dingo Dogs now?!! Go girl… X

  3. Good luck to “Silk for the Feed Dogs” in the Aussie world. Hope it climbs up the ratings (though you also want it to go ‘down under’–sorry, it was a lame joke but couldn’t resist). Cheers and big congrats.

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  5. Blimey! Congrats – Silk Feed is travelling fast, hope you follow soon.

  6. This is such great news Jackie and what a wonderful adventure for you…
    and two of the most stylish ‘mates’ ever!!

    Here’s to you, to them and to your ‘book tour daydream’ becoming a ‘Down Under reality’!
    May Kat and Edward “sale” their way onto the Aussie virtual book shelves of Kindle…
    and then may you “sail”, or better still jet there to join them…
    making your wonderful daydream a glorious reality ♥

    BIG congrats to you all! And adore the fabulous “Welcome” illustration too~ xo

    • As always your support is so generous.
      Thanks for the lovely well wishes. I do hope the Australians pick it up and give it a once-over.

      It’s lovely to have you back from your sabbatical. Hope you’re hanging around for a while, take your coat off, put your feet up. I’m serving hot toddies on this glacial evening 🙂

      Glad you liked Roo and the kids.

  7. I’ve heard of a teaser but this is a tease. I was anticipating allowing you to buy me a pint at The Dan O’Connell in Melbourne until I realised that you’re only invading Oz in spirit! Tell your agent to make sure the public know you’re Irish, we’re considered HOT down here, seriously, they luv us. Good luck with it Jackie.

  8. Oooh good news! Shared from my end – ok, a bit far from Australia but hey, you never know… Plus I couldn’t resist posting this fantastic illustration on my Tumblr 🙂

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