Happy interlude!

Top of the new year to you!

Sorry to raise my hat and run but I’ll be right back. I’m just putting together the last few pieces of last year, falling a bit behind…IMG_4803Trying to piece together the familiar chunks of my American life after the departure of my family who flew over for Christmas and tore up this place. Yes, this was the year the Mallons took Manhattan…IMG_4843I’m still cleaning up after them. A great swath of the East Coast is missing. So excuse me, I’ve gathered more pieces to slot in in this top corner over here… and just need to make sense of this whole middle section…

I’ll be right with you. Grab a drink and enjoy the music. The coat check’s right over there. The cigarette girl will be along shortly. Take the weight off…

I’ll just pull closed this curtain on you, if you don’t mind, and reinstate some order…

IMG_4624Need some quality reading material while you wait? Grab a copy of Silk for the Feed Dogs from the shelf over there…


  1. Oh, Jackie, I am so happy that your family came and tore it up. WONDERFUL! I hope you all had a fabulous time. Happy New Year to you and yours. XO

    • Hi Dievca and happy new year to you! We had a blast. Now I’m looking forward to rejoining you and the gang and finding out what’s your craic 🙂
      May you have a blissful 2015 XO!

  2. That is just how I feel when company departs! My girls seem to pick up the mess and take back home with them. My son leaves a mess trailing behind him when he leaves! Happy New Year to you!

  3. Top of the new year to you Jackie!

    Lovely to read that the Mallons came, saw and conquered Manhattan…
    and that you’re now enjoying a well deserved and needed “interlude”!
    Delight in this happy, peaceful pause between the old and new…
    as you fill in the last few pieces of the Mallon holiday puzzle~ xo

    Lol…And you never know, maybe some of these “Manhattan Mallon” puzzle pieces will find their way into an upcoming novel or two?!!

    • Happy new year to you too! Hope your holidays were all you wished for and you are setting out on 2015 with your usual grace, generosity and optimism for a year filled only with your hearts desires.

      My family leak into everything! They’re wily that way. 🙂

  4. Happy new year and enjoy the interlude! Isn’t it great?! I started silk for the feed dogs and I have to say I absolutley love it! I’m trying not to read it too quickly so I can sort of savour the words. There are so many sentences I have to read twice to just relish them again. I don’t think I’ll be able to lend it to anyone! :)xx

    • Happy new year, Olivia! I hope your Christmas was filled with joy and cheer and your 2015 will be filled with health, happiness and prosperity because why? You deserve it, that’s why!
      I’m so happy you’re enjoying Silk. I look forward to hearing your final thoughts. Whenever you’re ready, no pressure, you take your time… Sure put the kettle on…:-D

  5. Hey Jackie, hey!

    Happy New Year, my sweet friend, sounds like you and yours did it up RIGHT! 😉 Thank you so much for being ever so gracious and inviting us into the welcoming whirlwind . . . I can’t lie, sometimes the dizziness feels damn fine. 😉

    Cheers to you, love!

    XOXO Allison

    • Hey, Alison, hey!

      A happy and glorious and rewarding and profound 2015 to you because that’s nothing less than you deserve, my dear. You had such an explosive 2014 that I’m on the edge of my seat about what you’ll do next. Glad to be around to take it all in. I’ll be sitting right over here…right here. See me?

      Carry on, Sweetie!

      • YOU are so amazing. I promise not to disappoint you, my love! I do it all for you, you know it. I see you. You look marvelous as always! 😉

        Let us rock the everything out of 2015, yeah? xx

  6. That’s where you were hiding! I went to your site just yesterday because I thought I must have missed some posts. Glad to see you were in the Mellon fold taking the town by storm. Exhausting though, isn’t it?

    • Hey! Happy new year to you. I look forward to catching up over the next few days with what’s been going on with you, I dropped out completely for a while. Thanks for knocking on my door to check on me.
      You’re right, it was exhausting. Fun and thrilling seeing the city through their eyes…but yes, exhausting, too.
      Hope your holidays were wonderful and you’re putting your best foot forward for 2015, doing it as only you can.

  7. Cheers to a fabulous new year Jackie ♡

  8. Wishing you a gorgeous, sunny, exotic, well-travelled 2015 that offers up all the curiosities and inspirations you enjoy for your work! XO!

  9. Hehe! Even inspiration needs a break sometimes…a top New Year to you! xxx

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