Amazon Promotion!

Looking for some fireside reading on these cold nights? My novel Silk for the Feed Dogs is on Kindle Promotion on Amazon for a limited period. If you haven’t partook, now’s the time. They’re practically giving it away! Promotional price ends on October 20th.SILK2-C1

I won’t toot my own horn; I’ll let others do that. Here are a selection of reviews from various locations:

“Silk For The Feed Dogs is a fast read & a true page-turner as it is simultaneously “inside”, yet escapist to the fashionista in us all.”–

“It’s one of those rare gems that manages to be light & fun yet profound & intelligent all at the same time.”–Reader’s Review, Amazon US

“Rag trade goes out of fashion for top designer Jackie as her funny first novel sews up a new career.” The Sunday World

“I found it both insightful, fun and full of ‘ah that’s what it would’ve been like’ moments.” –

“She is an excellent writer; her writing is sharp, intelligent and humourous, and I would recommend this book to anyone who is interested in the world of fashion, or Italy, for that matter.”–Reader’s Review, Amazon UK

“this delightful book is written with perspicuous insight, well paced narrative, readable vernacular and wit. Until now this fashionista has failed to realize that her true calling is as an author.”–Reader’s Review, Amazon Australia

“My idea of fashion is to take off my gardening clothes and put on the ‘tidy’ ones I threw on the chair the day before, so if I like a novel set among designer collections, it’s because it’s entertaining and well-written.”–Reader’s Review,

“Silk for the Feed Dogs is a stellar accomplishment – get it, read it, you won’t regret the indulgence of silk against your skin.”–

A Couple of Swells 1

Meet this fashionable pair in the novel

“It was one of the best and most entertaining books I’ve ever read. I’ve had so much fun reading this & translating this book to Turkish! It’s very inspiring, I fell in love with Kat and Edward and every other character in it. I hope we can read more on Kat’s other stories in the future. Love it!”–Turkish translator preparing novel for publication there in 2015

You can buy Silk for the Feed Dogs at promotional rate in the US here and in the UK here.


  1. Can’t wait to read this :)!!!!

  2. Love fashion books. sounds like a great read:)

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