Spread the word: Kickstart American Manufacturing!

sr4NEWS JUST IN! HOT OFF THE PRESSES! My friends Dimitri and Mai have just launched a great  K​ickstarter campaign to raise funds for a line of ethically produced basics for their company Bishop Collective. The project will be completely Made In America with the key goal of bringing manufacturing, and therefore jobs, back to the States. The company has been working with and supporting emerging designers from all over the country, and for this collection are sourcing and manufacturing in North Carolina where they know the people, and can ensure that the garments are made by adults who are paid livable wages.Michelle-Hur-Cluster-Necklace-1-236x303

Please take a look at the campaign and help spread the word even if you can’t donate.

Here is the link to the K​ickstarter page.


And here is the Bishop Collective site for some early Christmas gift shopping…for yourself! http://bishopcollective.com/

It takes people who make things happen to make things happen! I’d love to be able to rally some support.

Good luck Dimitri and Mai!Study-NY-Zero-Waste-Skirt-Charcoal-1-236x303


  1. Very coo;, Jackie. I will take a better look with some more time. But, I liked the dipped clutch. XO

  2. wow!!! SUPER COOL~!! Good luck to them~!

  3. OK LOVING ALL OF THIS!!! 😉 Wishing all the abundance for Dimitri and Mai! XOX

  4. This is great! Thanks for sharing, Jackie.

    • You’re very welcome. From small acorns etc. Wishing their efforts continued success. If more people thought this like and we could get the consumer to understand cheap clothes come at a cost, everyone on the planet would be better off! That’s all 🙂

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