New York Times

As we celebrate Cristofero Colombo’s discovery of the new world on a random day in 1492, I thought I’d put together a little photomontage that represents  random little discoveries of any given day. There’s nothing history-changing among them, no new maps need to be drawn up;  no one’s going to name a day after me or parade in the streets.

Fret not, I have other plans afoot for that.

In the meantime, here’s to America, the land of Discovery and to these New York times!

I’ll start with shoes and chocolate.

How about this pair of Prada creepers I discovered in a consignment store for a song?IMG_3813IMG_4190Or a white chocolate mousse mouse?

I discovered that cats get possessive over their tipple and are not to be distracted when you dangle white mice above them.


Or that Andy Warhol may have slummed it downtown with the members of his Factory but he slunk back uptown to an Upper East Side residence that was altogether bourgeois.IMG_4090IMG_4091

That Fall is the season for lovebirds.IMG_3111IMG_3307IMG_4266

I discovered that we are in the middle of the Jewish holiday of Sukkot.IMG_3006

And that in the right light or rather with the appropriate filter, I can just about imagine what New York looked like 40 or 50 years ago.IMG_4282 IMG_4268 IMG_4255

That the legendary Bill Cunningham works right around the corner from me beside the Citibike station I use so the likelihood of cycling in a bike lane next to him and possibly being photographed is quite high.IMG_4274

That it’s okay to look like this Monday mornings. It’s high fashion.IMG_3814

That when koi fish come above the surface they chug air so that their little mouths form perfect circles and you can almost see right down into their bellies.IMG_4231 IMG_4224That old fashioned glamour never dies.IMG_4240

That old facades are often more beautiful than new ones. New York stop tearing things down!

Don’t discover the new at the expense of the old.IMG_4088

That the Lower East Side still has some good art.IMG_4172 IMG_4102 IMG_4097

That flowers in their death throes are more romantic than those in full bloom.IMG_2999

Discover new writing and then all tell your friends. My debut novel, Silk for the Feed Dogs yet is available here. 


  1. What fun! None of those have appeared on my radar, so I got to see something new. Hurrah. 😀

  2. Happy to keep your peepers perky, D! XO!

  3. Ahhhh! I love all of this! What lovely photos! And umm I love those Prada shoes- what a find!!!!

  4. I love walking in your shoes, Jackie! 🙂

  5. Love the glimpse of your world….enticing! And you are so right about the beauty in flowers…I can’t throw them out until they smell and I often pick up broken blooms from grass verges to give them a last gasp in a vase! Fading beauty is something I identify with as the years rattle by……x

    • I know what you mean!
      The petals do start to resemble human skin and the musty smell towards the end I find rather nice, just before it becomes rancid.
      I wonder will there ever be a time when things turn in reverse and age and wrinkles are considered the beauty ideal–like with women’s weight and how different shapes were considered attractive in different eras… Maybe if I stick around long enough I’ll see that. Before I start to smell rancid, then it’s best to toss me 🙂

  6. Yes! Stop tearing things down- repurpose and reuse! Love the pictures!

  7. Love those Prada finds! Jeaolus

  8. 🙂 Oh, I like these more or less random pics with your witty comments!
    And I LOVE your shoes! Great buy! Hope they aren’t too hard on your footsies? xo 🙂

  9. Unique takes Jackie. And right now I am g-r-e-e-n with e – n – v – y 😐

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