Tick Tock, All Change!

How can I be expected to trek all the way to Lincoln Centre? That’s way uptown. It’s Fashion Week, you see. Yes, again. I’ve only been going above 14th Street for work recently. I’m nesting (I do wish the cardinal that pecks on our window at 6:45 every morning would engage in some nesting of her own. I fear her little beak will break…I said fear, not wish…)

And sitting for hours scanning Style.com’s runway coverage goes against everything I want to be doing at the moment. These waning days of summer are for sitting in gardens perusing an anthology of poetry, not gawping at another parade of frocks; popping up to our roof to pick herbs for a fresh salad, not picking trends for next season; marvelling at the colorful human specimens swaggering up Avenue A and not the predictable dullards sitting cross-legged front row.IMG_3733

As a kid, my husband always found the tick-tock sound at the beginning of 60 Minutes on a Sunday evening depressing because it was like a countdown to Monday morning. Weekend fun is over, pack your school satchel and get to bed early, that ticking said. I feel the tenderness of these days and want to hold on to them but I can’t clasp them too tight because I know they’re fragile. I appreciate them the same way we used to feel as children about weekends or sick days. I’m squeezing out the last zest of summer for all I’m worth. And look, my glass is still half full so don’t knock it over on me.

Fashion’s on the move. All change, the powers that be blare. Yes, I look forward to layering in autumnal clothes but my neighborhood is resplendent just as she is, without gussying her up in Fall’s new colors. I’m permanently tipsy on her summer look.

“Oh, is it Fashion Week?” a girl asks her friend as she passes my table and I write this post. Really, this happens. Her friend says, “Think so. Although how do I know that? What the hell do I know about fashion?” They giggle as they exit.

Oh, blissful ignorance. Enjoy your Sunday, hang out, have brunch. There’s more to life, on a day like today…

(Shhh…Don’t tell my students I said any of this…)

Of course, when the London shows start, then I’ll sit up straight in my chair. I’ll put all my pens in my new wooden pencil case, shine my glasses and look lively. I’ll feel like I still have something to learn. And by the time Dries or Lanvin are showing in Paris, I’ll be a swot, an encyclopedia of trend knowledge. I’ll be the student with her hand permanently in the air hoping the teacher calls her name.

But right now, I”m going to prepare a mojito with an abundance of fresh mint and delve into some Emily Dickinson.

So here’s to this season and a lazy afternoon of trendspotting, my way…IMG_3621 IMG_3757 IMG_3736

Below is a painting my artist friend Olwyn did for us as a wedding gift.

My husband says she used the perfect yellow to capture the green of Ireland. Truly an inspired color palette, don’t you think?

IMG_3550Watch out for florals, exotic textiles, intricate curvilinear patterns and neon. We haven’t seen the last of neon, no matter what the pundits say.

You heard it here first.IMG_3725 IMG_3630 IMG_3667 IMG_3727IMG_3685 IMG_3682Oh the suspense is killing me…IMG_3678 IMG_3673Where am I seated?
IMG_3742This little chap will escort you to your seat.

Right this way, ma’am…

IMG_3734I’m sure I recognize her…I like her style whoever she is…IMG_3810If it’s new proportions and volume you’re looking for, check out the biggest chocolate croissant ever…


While everyone’s waiting for Anna Wintour to arrive, I’ll just take a moment here to admire the set…

My, that’s a long catwalk.IMG_3790
See? Who needs Lincoln Centre? Downtown glamour has all the lights and razzle dazzle, without making such a song and dance about it.

And the after parties are legendary!IMG_3807

My novel––a great late summer read!–– set in the international fashion industry is available. You can buy Silk for the Feed Dogs here.


  1. Our weather has changed all of a sudden and I’m not impressed. Last year, summer lasted a little longer – all the mummies would stand and chat for 5 minutes in our sunglasses before the kids burst out from school. When the sun isn’t shining everyone sits in their cars, checking their iPhones. I miss the sunshine!
    Really loving Silk for the feed dogs by the way! I’m taking my time to read it, relishing it all. 🙂

    • I’m so happy to hear it, Olivia!
      My mum said they’re forecasting another little burst of summer up north so hopefully it’ll reach your corner of the country too. Don’t put those sunnies away yet, I say, ever the optimist! XO

  2. 🙂 Oh, yes, Fashion Week! Is there anything special you’d like to see “live”? Or would you just go in and check out whatever is available to you?
    Sounds like lots of fun! Keeping my fingers crossed for you getting many tickets to the various shows!
    xo 🙂

  3. I’m not telling anyone that you are still on Holiday — just kick it in for London and Paris Fashion Weeks. I’m half-watching the shows myself — it was nicer to walk through Central Park, sit on Cedar Hill and dream in the Shakespeare Garden.

  4. Thanks D, knew I could count on your discretion.
    Now that stroll of yours sounds much more my speed…Lovely day for it. Hope your night is equally idyllic XO

  5. Delicious….croissant and your post. My daughter and I have hired a beach hut for the day on Saturday for that very reason….just watching the sun go down will be a joy…even if we are under hats,coats and blankets!!! Enjoy x

  6. Oh even chilly but munching on a sausage roll and looking out at it will be lovely. Enjoy your weekend hutsit! XO!

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