Fancy a walk?

I have little to say today and yet there is plenty going on. I’m struggling again with finding writing time. That will explain the lack of ready words for you tonight.

But I enjoy your company so I thought we could just go for a walk, a little late night constitutional before bedtime. What say you? I’ll show you around my new hood, retrace my steps over the last couple of weeks. You’ll get a real feel for the place.

Not at all, of course you won’t need a jacket. Summer’s ending but there’s still a few drops left in the jar…IMG_3424IMG_3431 IMG_3461 IMG_3532IMG_3562Look on that table. Over there. Do you see?

Two twenty-somethings chatting over drinks, no, nothing strange about that. But look closer…

On one side of their table the collected plays of Anton Chekhov, on the other a Justin Bieber bedecked iPhone. But they seem to have so much in common.

The things you see out and about in New York City.IMG_3570IMG_3577 IMG_3574IMG_3162IMG_3305There’s a Cat in front of Katz’s.IMG_3581 This photo reminds me of the billboard that looms in The Great Gatsby as well as the green light…”the orgastic future that year by year recedes before us. It eluded us then, but that’s no matter β€” to-morrow we will run faster, stretch out our arms farther.. .”

IMG_3503My whole area of the city is sprinkled with secret gardens; places of enchantment that dodge the glare of neon and reflect every color but Chase Bank blue.

I’m lucky to be able to part the leaves and be spirited far way from Manhattan’s madness.IMG_3600 IMG_3603 IMG_3597I’m schlepping you a little further west than I had intended but it’s such a lovely night.

Are you good to keep going?

We lost one of our favorite cafes this week. Once Upon A Tart is now but a memory. We signed the petition in our droves but escalating rents, overruled liquor licenses, one owner’s exhaustion at fighting the city for his existence trumped great blueberry scones and a convivial meeting post.


Anyway, moving on. Don’t get too attached to anything in this town. Admire the view every time you take a walk, stop in occasionally but know that, one day, what you expect to see won’t be there.

This city thrives on change yet its residents continue to seek constants.IMG_3491 IMG_3490 And here we are, back where we started.

The air has turned a little chillier at night, it’s true. September’s making its presence felt.

I wonder how the change of seasons will alter my new neighborhood.IMG_3557Will you come in a while and I’ll put the kettle on?

Or maybe you want a wee something stronger? Aye, go on, warm your cockles.

Slainte.IMG_3420More words can be found in my debut novel in which I take you on a colorful tour of the international fashion industry. You can buy Silk for the Feed Dogs here.


  1. Nice to get out and about. Enjoyed the journey πŸ˜€

  2. I feel like I’ve travelled without leaving my armchair. Cheers!

  3. Jackie, It sounds like you are really digging your new ‘hood. Hurrah! I think that I would dig it, too. Quick – have one more scone for me before those doors close on the cafe. XO

  4. Thanks for the tour! Great images and observation….love Chekhov and Bieber sur le table!! X

  5. What a divine walk! Looks like you have found your groove, love. Beautiful and fun! That photo of the building in the puddle is insane fabulous. xxx

    • Thanks, Lovely. Yes, groove’s the word. The neighborhood provides the perfect pace for me at the moment. I regularly have to enter the mayhem vortex of midtown Manhattan and its garment district but my nights and free days are spent lollygagging to a very different groove. :-)xox

  6. Tracy

    Great photos, great city, though so sad about Tart. Sigh.
    Love the coffee table in the last pic. Where is that from?!

    • Hi Tracy,
      That coffee table was a little flea market find of mine for my old apartment. But the technique is not hard to do at all. It’s called decoupage–you could have a go over a weekend on a piece of furniture you don’t particularly like… Bet you’d find it fun! πŸ™‚

      • tracy marx

        That does sound fun–not sure I’m quite as crafty as you, but will keep it in mind! Merci!


  7. Lovely post which took me down a short memory lane as that is where I stayed last April when visiting. I have no doubt you will love the neighborhood and now I feel bad I never made to Once upon a tart as you suggested

  8. You must come back and I’ll have a new list of suggestions for you.
    What always amazes me in this city is how fast establishments are forgotten about except by those who frequented them as much as their own living rooms. In 2 months, the facade and interior will have changed, some builders will be scuffling about on the site and a new Italian or French restaurant will be trumpeted in, people will flock to it for a while and then, gone, and the cycle will continue.
    Tart (as it was affectionately known) was there 23 years which is good going for this town.

  9. Lorenzo

    Sweet! Nice walking with u missus! Can relate! Have the same way of wandering the city streets! πŸ˜‰

  10. Thank you for this interesting walk aux pays des merveilles and the invitation… I’ll get the something stronger please… to match that smashing Chekhov-Bieber combination! xxx

  11. What a great tour of the neighborhood. Being a very occasional visitor to NYC (and I don’t live far at all) it is great to see the little things you notice when you are a permanent resident. When you visit, you miss all of that.

  12. πŸ™‚ Thank you for sharing your neighborhood and impressions with us.
    Beautiful pictures! Too bad the little cafΓ© is no longer there.
    HAPPY weekend, my dear ! xo πŸ™‚

  13. I enjoyed our stroll. Your neighbourhood is gorgeous. I’d never grow tired of people watching and constant change. Tell me, what comes first the images or the writing? I’m very curious about your creativity! Put the kettle on, and make that coffee Irish!! Sorry Jackie, I’ve had one glass of wine! πŸ˜‰ xx

    • It’s quite special little neighbourhood, isn’t it. Olivia? Oh, always the images come first! Then I review and decide on a little narrative. I love taking photos. Photos help me even in my novel writing too. Having a visual and then trying to do justice to it with words…
      A glass of wine sounds just the ticket :-)xo

  14. Very well-composed photos Jackie – you have a good eye. Greatly enjoyed this stroll.

  15. Thanks Mike. You’re welcome to join me for a jaunt any time. Come round on your ceilidh!

  16. Very cool pictures…I love the building reflecting in the puddle.

  17. terminalbeard

    Oasis of nature in the big city, lovely Jackie. I thought of you again last night after watching De-Lovely (the Cole Porter story with Kevin Kline and Ashley Judd) One of the special features on the DVD had video of a somewhat younger Mr. Giorgio Armani talking about the costumes he designed for this movie and showing him actually marking up some suits. Great eras for clothes back then. Thank you for sharing your city life with us here. Larry

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