I’d been feeling boxed in, packing up my worldly wares, preparing for the big move. Unfortunately it turns out the big move in doesn’t coincide with the big move out. This presents a series of challenges which results in this:

IMG_3129A storage facility. On the hazy road to our dream home, just short of monthly mortgage, but with monthly rent still visible in the rearview mirror, we don’t envision this unscenic stopover.

I stumble glumly on my displaced way. Without a compass, adrift, all thoughts of writing sealed up with duct tape and stacked three boxes from the ceiling. How can I escape into my fictional world when I have no bearings in my physical one? Kicking gravel, I look up. I am faced with a friendly lamplit window. Nose pressed to the glass, I’m enticed in…IMG_3150I find myself inside an offshoot of  a favorite independent bookstore McNally and Jackson. Desks and pens and notebooks, oh my! It gloriously exalts “the life of the mind” which is exactly what I’m lacking. My spirits soar as I look around, sighing, smiling, stroking the lovely symbols of writing and penmanship and correspondence.

IMG_3142I’m sure I release a whimper at the sight of that flesh colored leather notebook. I could access my soul writing in that book, no, I could access yours!IMG_3137These are paperweights of a substantial thinker, they rest on work that exudes gravitas; no breeze could blow such weighty pages away. These paperweights are for a writer who could pen the next “NW”––not only that, but do so in hieroglyphics.

Oh the precision of the lines and angles, the allure of the smooth blocks of paper, the unwavering control, the constancy.

Look at this candleholder. Keep ‘er lit!IMG_3146Spare yet essential. Those will be the rules that my writing lives by…just as soon as I unseal the box and fetch it out.

This will be the desk at which I exercise my essential spareness:IMG_3140It is handmade in Portugal with no metal screws, only wooden joints, and retails at $4000. At this point my husband queries if I, in fact, have a screw loose. I would urge him to admire this retro lamp in an intelligent (and frugal-looking) green.

IMG_3148Some women might crave a velvety curvy spotlit boudoir-inspired vanity desk like the ones used by the goddesses of the silver screen. Or Dita Von Teese. I’d select these untreated wooden planks mounted on legs from Norway. A gentle nudge inward encourages the drawers open to reveal their secrets:

IMG_3136IMG_3143Ideas would emanate in all directions if I planted my derriere here on a daily basis. Ping! Get out the way! Ping! Here comes another, duck!

New Yorkers obsess over exposed brick. But I’d paint those bricks clinical Margiela white and pose the question, how’s that for truth?IMG_3147 IMG_3139Considering this was the state of my last novel in progress, I would certainly have come up in the world, wouldn’t you say?IMG_3114



I have put these in a box for posterity though…

Or for some historian to find and pore over with delicate fingers when I’m long gone….and wonder did I, as rumor tells it, indeed have a screw loose.





The result of these scrawlings was my first novel which is now available.

You can buy Silk for the Feed Dogs here.

Might I recommend you take it to McNally Jackson and enjoy it with a pot of their hot green tea with pear. Surprisingly delicious when enjoyed together. An honest recommendation, I have no affiliations with them, just a healthy appreciation of their existence.

Goods for the Study is located at 234 Mulberry St, New York, NY 10012 




  1. Oh, to have room for all of those beautiful items for the Study. Uhhh, practical dievca needs more basic shelving, first. XO

  2. what beauty writing instruments and desk. By the way, I want to buy your book but I don’t know where to get it from 😦

  3. That is stressful! Hang in there. 🙂

  4. Serendipity again! I just read this after scheduling my next post, about the work spaces of some famous artists. Check out Jane Austen’s and weep! Good luck with your move. Opening the boxes is the best part.

    • Great minds think alike Camparigirl.
      I can’t wait to check out your post. It’s all food for thought as I try to focus on decorating our new pad and not what’s going to happen to my lovely plants as they have been feeling quite uprooted… %-/

  5. What a wonderful shop! Buy everything, you’ll never find what you already own.

  6. My love of desks, soft leather-covered journals, fancy pens, and all things paper related was on overdrive looking at this post. I know what you mean about not being able to kick the creative inner world to life when the outer world is in turmoil. I admire the people who just trot off to the nearest coffee shop, whip out their laptop and write up a storm. I am much more the creature of habit who must have things a certain way before I can proceed. Here’s hoping you are set up in your new home soon.

  7. Thanks Francis.
    THe problem with those lovely books is that I’m always too anxious about messing them up to use them. A sort of writer’s block sets in at the first open page.No thought seems worthy of soiling their splendor…
    But still I buy them!
    Any ideas on how I can finagle that lovely desk into our new place..?

  8. That desk is divine – definitely the place to write your next masterpiece. Speaking of which, I must get my hands on your first book for my holiday reading! X

    • I think you’re right 😉 Words will flow so much freer at a desk like that!
      Thanks for thinking of bringing Silk on hols with you–it’s the closest I will get to a vacation this year!

  9. These paperweights are beautiful

  10. How is that a shop and not someone’s home? Even better mine? I want to live there!

  11. I loved this post! Wonderful images….your life in boxes….but my favourite bit is that image of your “scribbles” as you call them,that became your book! Joyful!!……and I get the notebook thing absolutely. I do the same with sketch books….can’t draw well enough to warrant using them but still I buy them! Enjoy unpacking! Last time I moved I wasted a whole day reading bits of my 45 years of diaries! At least I am free to just drown now eh?!!

  12. Oh, thank you!
    I did that packing everything up. It took me a month! So many distractions lurking unseen for years in drawers. So I hope I will be saved that part of the process on the other side.
    Happy weekend!

  13. Oh wow- I would love to have an office space like this! So cozy and beautiful and perfect for focusing-! (Which I always need more of. lol!)

  14. Wow. I am so jealous. What a beautiful desk. Emma.

  15. That’s one gorgeous handmade table!

  16. I can never resist heavenly even smells different.. xxx

    • I know what you mean, it smells of success and romance and knowledge and wisdom and tradition–all the things we want to achieve in our writing. When in doubt, buy lovely stationary and you’re half way there.

  17. No matter the topic, everything you write is a literary masterpiece. A boring aside with a paperweight for fuck sake! Is there ANYTHING that doesn’t cause your mind to wax creatively lyrical? You have me sitting here on the other side of the planet scenting leather-bound journals, palpating the grain of Scandinavian timber and weighing the heft of palmed bronze. Not only am I envious but the only thing I’ve learned all day is to use double-x when spelling ‘brainboxxed’.

  18. Aw Mike.
    Thank you but no envy need emanate from your side of the planet as your words are equally enlightening.

    Mark my words that extra X will come in very handy and you’ll thank me and wonder how you ever did without it. I look forward to spotting this little mirrored cross in your upcoming poetry.
    You’re welcome. 🙂

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