Now, Villager

In the area we will move to––the apartment with the koi fish in the meditation garden, remember?––there is a community garden that I love. It is called the Plaza Culturale and, until Hurricane Sandy raised havoc, it was home to a chorus line of languid willow trees, all bowing together before the audience of passersby. They are slowly returning all these months later, nervous but stoic.

However I barely acknowledged their absence. Another more colorful and manmade troupe upstages them for me every time. These guys:IMG_2155They throng the railings of the garden blocking the view of the willows in the most joyful display of oneupmanship you’ll ever see. They enjoyed the period of the willows’ displacement because it meant more spotlight for them. Leering into the sky, mugging and hamming it up for all of Alphabet City, Detergent Bottle Man, Mrs Watering Can and all their motley entourage.

Created in 1976, at a time when junkies and and crack vials littered these streets, the garden containing this celebration of found objects represents a true turnaround. Then it was just a city lot piled high with trash and rubble, in an abandoned and feared area associated with arson and drugs until local visionaries claimed it. The 80s came and while Iggy Pop and Debbie Harry were roaming these streets by night, the garden’s founders had to go head to head in court battles with developers to prevent them building on the site. Anti-Establishment artists and activists piled into the area leading to clashes with police until the 90s brought Mayor Giuliani in to clean up the Downtown area. The 00s brought sidewalk tables and jazz clubs and investment bankers swinging briefcases and wearing polished tan Italian shoes as they passed the aging punks and crusties that still slept on the park benches.

And then along came me.

Now, meet my neighbours…IMG_2150 IMG_2158 IMG_2165 IMG_2154 IMG_2157 IMG_2148

IMG_2170 IMG_2164 IMG_2167 IMG_2149IMG_2175 IMG_2172Maybe I feel so fond of them because they remind me of the type of jewellery that I lust after…

Anyone considering housewarming gifts, Marni makes me feel right at home…50148117RM_12P_F 50148113LQ_12P_F 50148108NX_12P_F 50147317ES_12P_F 50146230NO_12P_FMarni+Spring+2012+Jewelry+1 img-thing 50131900dw_20_f 2Lleva_la_vegetaci_n_tropical_a_la_mu_eca_con_este_brazalete_de_Marni 122-MARNI-SUMMER-EDITION-13-ACCESSORIES 105138885marnisummer marni-edition-2_142832539105.jpg_gallery_max img-thing-1 il_340x270.572998729_ocx2 02-marni_135508695508.jpg_gallery_maxMy novel set in the international fashion industry is now available. You can buy Silk for the Feed Dogs here



  1. Congratulations! Am so happy for you. And it seems quirky enough for your tastes!

    • Thank you! I think it is. My husband wanted the more tony West side but it’s so white and well-ironed.I’ve never really experienced bourgeois living in my time on this earth so far and don’t feel that I should start. This is the perfect middle ground for us and I can’t wait to move in:-D

  2. Nice link between the Garden Ornaments and Marni’s Human Ornaments! I’m digging the cuff and the last pair of earrings.
    I put in for a plot at my local community garden….waitlisted.
    Looks like a fire escape garden for me. XO

  3. Thank you Dievca. I hate wait lists!
    Don’t knock it–Your fire escape garden would be the talk of the town xo

  4. Oh how creative and whimsical, I’d love to have a funky garden like this one in my neighborhood, and I’m totally drooling over all the fabulous jewelry. Have a great weekend!

    XOXO Nensi

  5. I am going to come & live in your house- you must have room for a little one…

  6. Thanks for the little piece if history and congratulations on the apartment! The garden sounds beautiful. Can definitely picture you making the most of it while you write.

  7. What a fabulously creative post and it would appear that you have your own kind of Marni-ites living in your new hood…
    wow and like Marni, these “street artisans” have quite a knack for building plastic and well sculpted adornments despite their unimpressive pedigree and origins of their materials…
    truly fascinating and very impressive one-of-a-kind pieces!!~ xo

  8. So the deal went through?! Congratulations! Here is to many happy mediative lounging lazy afternoons with the koi fish! Your neighbours seem appropriately funky 🙂

    • Well, I probably jumped the gun as we haven’t signed yet but paperwork is in the hands of lawyers. And I figure you have to put it out there if you want it to happen 🙂 Keep ya posted! x

  9. I guess I should say congratulations!!!! Interesting backyard, so colorful and I am curious to see more of it. Love the Marni jewels too :).

  10. Thank you, we’re almost almost almooooooooooost there…:-)

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