The Wandering Kind

A rainy Thursday, an ill-conceived outfit, a deadline. A mysterious package arrives as I’m running out the door. Postmark: Spain. Oh what the hell, I think. I can be a few minutes late and sit down in the foyer…

IMG_2103The envelope is a bit travel weary. I tear it open. Inside, another envelope, infinitely sleeker than the UPS one.

IMG_2106I slide the tab from its slit and press it open. A sliver of red pops from the cellophane. Curiouser and curiouser…

But there’s something familiar about it.

IMG_2108I recognize these lines, those legs…

Who’s that girl?

IMG_2112Bright colors, always a joy––primary colors, in fact. Familiar names on slithery silk and an identifiable drawing of a shoe.


IMG_2111But no, this will never do. It’s now clear I need to run back upstairs and change. Oh, sod it,  I can be fifteen minutes late… twenty even at a push…IMG_2189E voilà! Dishevelled hair aside, I’m now ready to take on the day. Half an hour late, okay forty minutes, but decidedly more presentable.

Following my recent post celebrating the creative endeavors of my friends at the design trio the Wandering Collective, they have sent me one of their sumptuous Autumn/Winter 2014 foulards adorned with their illustrations. Their kindness makes a sunny accessory on a rainy Thursday. I wander out in the street under an umbrella and attempt to hail a cab.

One stops immediately.

Those Wanderettes get noticed.


My novel set in the international fashion industry is now available. You can buy Silk for the Feed Dogs here








  1. The power of fashion! Great post!

  2. Bold and beautiful. Seeing this I realise how badly I really need a pop of colour. I LOVE your writing Jackie.

    • Aw thanks Olivia.
      I’d be happy to drop a pop of color into your day any time. Polka dot wellies and a bright yellow umbrella might goo over well? 😉

  3. Ahh, that definitely made Thursday better! My pink Missoni umbrella and Chooka Moto Rain Boots tried to help me as I walked. But, I didn’t have that exquisite scarf to stop a cab!
    That tells you, in of itself, the scarf is a wonder. XO

    • Although I bet your Missoni umbrella doesn’t get overlooked either. I’m bad with that particular accessory and would probably leave it behind on a train. I lift other people’s umbrellas too :-/
      Hold on tight to that pink designer brolly!

  4. Oh, these Wanderettes!! They certainly help to look on the bright side! xxx

  5. I’ve never ever felt silk from London. Ever.
    I would just DIE to receive such a wandering gift. I think I would sit and let it just soft thru each finger one by one…before I would just smell it and then? I would wrap it around my neck and wear it with PRIDE. MOSTLY GLEE. AHHHH. the thoughts of a woman.

  6. Like reading your “London Calling” post, my heart was pumping with excitement as I scrolled madly through each sequential picture filled with anticipation of reaching the hidden treasure–and what a treasure it was!!…
    the taxi-stopping, design from The Wandering Collective is silk perfection at its best…
    and it looks très chic, glamourously twisted about your NYC Wanderette’s neck!!~ xo

    • My neck feels special emerging from that silk square. I think it may even have reflected the rain off me last Thursday. It has superpowers, my Wanderettes Scarf. I’m convinced 🙂


    Very funny and good writing, and such a nice way to start the day!

  8. UAUUU! In Love with you scarf Jackie..
    Make sure to show us the complete outfit with it 😀


  9. Your friends are so nice! Love your scarf and I think it makes for perfect accessory.

  10. We need more scarfs! Especially with bright colours..and SUPER POWERS! Why did we stop wearing them? xxx

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