Spring Fling

It was the first real Spring weekend. Everyone was out…
IMG_1895IMG_1876IMG_1966IMG_1881 IMG_1879IMG_2017IMG_1869
IMG_0219IMG_1877IMG_1757IMG_1147IMG_1163IMG_1862IMG_1888IMG_1889IMG_6217IMG_1406IMG_1443IMG_1906IMG_1924My debut novel set in the international fashion industry is now available. You can buy Silk for the Feed Dogs here



  1. Everyone was out….including me. Walked around the park, soaked in the sun (as I don’t have enough in LA), went shopping for little things and pretended I belonged. Raining now, though.

  2. Sigh — I worked straight 6 am – 4 pm and missed the nice weather. Your section of the woods has nicer “graffiti” than my neck of the woods. It looks like you enjoyed the day (or week). Fabulous! XO

  3. AWESOME images and springtime adventure! Thank you for sharing with us 🙂

    Peace & love ~ Allison xo

  4. You lucky lady – we had rain and rain and rain and only like 30 min. of sunshine.
    Your pictures are fun – they reveal spring time action. 😀 xo

    • There was a feeling of Make Hay While The Sun Shines all over the city today. Your turn will come, hopefully soon, then you too will “Spring Into Action!” 😉

  5. I absolutely LOVE the graffiti art photos!

  6. Great graffiti! temps have dropped here – a bit more like autumn with the odd shower..had Charlie’s fifth b’day party with 23 kids..Sunday was spent recovering…sort of!! xxx

  7. Your photos gave me a hint but then I couldn’t help noticing your tags! It must have been pretty wild!

    • Oh you are a clever thing! 🙂
      Initially I had a selection of pictures that I thought told a story of a boy/girl relationship: they meet on the street; everything’s lovely. As time goes on cracks appear. Then at night and with too many drinks he becomes a completely different character. I had initially entitled it “He Seemed So Nice…”
      But most comments seemed to indicate that the story was a bit lost. People liked the photos or talked about being out and about too in Spring so I just changed the title to Spring Fling. But you caught the nuances, clever girl.
      My husband sometimes says I err on the side of subtlety in storytelling too much. But there’s always a few that get me 😀

  8. Oh, I’m so proud!… ^*-*^
    And just went through all the comments; indeed, isn’t it funny how different people notice things differently? And even if we forgot the story for a moment, a lot, as you said, is about Spring or graffiti etc… I haven’t even seen anything about the Mutant; or his spiked shoes!!

  9. Ok so sometimes it pays to roll in late—you’re able to see things more clearly, from others perspectives…
    but I gotta say, until I reached Lia’s comment this ‘Johnny come lately’ was totally tuned into “spring” and not “The fling”…lol…but now thanks to Lia I see it, I see it…
    and totally love both takes on this fabulous photo story: “spring” and “The fling”!! ~xo

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