Mood Board: Think Pink

I wouldn’t presume to tell a woman what a woman ought to think,

But tell her if she’s got to think, think pink

-Miss Prescott in Funny Face

New York City is tickled pink. The cherry blossoms are late this year due to the extended winter but who’s missing them? Not me. Like a mooning beauty school dropout, I see pink everywhere.  Peptobismol pops from doorways, a Hubba Bubba bubble hovers over the city like Stephen King’s dome, only less menacing. I have a hankering to wear Andi’s prom dress and boulevard with Duckie hanging adoringly from my arm along my Great Pink Way.

Years before I lived in Italy, my Italian Pretty In Pink poster adorned my student walls

Years before I lived in Italy, my Italian Pretty In Pink poster adorned my student walls

Never have I embraced it so before. The color of Girl. Even though in the 1700s men wore pink as much as women. It was a favorite of Madame de Pompadour who blazed a brazen boudoir-tinged trail through the Court of Versailles. Young boys wore pink in nineteenth century England while their fathers wore the more full-bodied crimson. But aspersions are cast on males en rose. Even in the 20s, when F Scott Fitzgerald needed to instill doubt about Gatsby’s past, he called upon the hue: “An Oxfordman!…Like hell he is! He wears a pink suit.”

But it was only after WWII that pink became entirely appropriated by us gals. Rosie the Riveter laid down her welding tools and locked away her drill bits upon hearing the news her husband was returning from the trenches. When Rosie reinstalled herself in the kitchen, she had shrugged off her dark overalls and donned the opposite, her namesake, pink. Ever since, the baby bonnet business for bambine has gone into overdrive.

Yes, pink is speaking to me, no, it’s hollering at me–from across the street, in thick traffic, when I’m on my Citibike, and it’s snowing in April, and I’m trying not to end up a pink splatter under a yellow cab. Pink’s presence is particularly pronounced this Pasqual season. If you’re also being pummelled by this cacophony of pink, but find you kinda like it, you’re still in time to catch the exhibition Think Pink at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. Hurry before May 24th!

In the meantime, happy Easter. Everything’s coming up roses…IMG_1819 IMG_1646 IMG_1773 IMG_1762 IMG_1760 IMG_1759 IMG_1731 IMG_1714IMG_1568IMG_1627IMG_1648IMG_1828IMG_1854IMG_1821IMG_1429Sagitarian Season, Crayola Christmas, New Years Eve 09 014IMG_6038IMG_5846IMG_1597IMG_1756IMG_1567My debut novel set in the colorful international fashion industry is available. You can buy Silk for the Feed Dogs here


  1. Fashionista In Suburbia

    Yayy! Go us for haven taken ownership of the colour PINK. It is ours. Do. Not. Touch. I live for the day that “PINK” will be just that again: a gloriously feminine, happy, colour with no reference to breast cancer. 💕💕💕

    • I hear you. I considered the fact that it’s the color of the big C and wanted to keep my pink mood untainted by the bad things in life. Just Perfectly Pink. Pretty in Pink. Thank you for adding your little pink hearts to the proceedings. That’s just the spirit 🙂

  2. I get it you really are into pink! Great photos. Funny I’m far from a feminine girl but I do like wearing pink, which catches people off guard as they often comment, “wow look at you in Pink!”. I think it’s changing though. It is now definitely less of a statement if a man wears pink, although it depends on what and how pink.

    • I like that you keep them guessing, Tric. Just when they think they have us sussed we talk pink. My husband would never wear pink but my gay bestie sports many examples of the hue. How’s that for stereotyping? Even in NYC it takes the more progressive thinking, and probably younger, gent to consider it. Happy Easter Tric!

  3. Lovely post! And as I was reading, my partner called me to go see how a chapter in the video game he plays started: a virtual Paris dressed in pink! Guess what song was playing in the backround? I’m guessing the pink will turn into splatter soon, but for a while I saw pink everywhere!

  4. How beautiful! Pink!! I love it now, too! This post completely lifted my mood. What a joy to just think about the beauty of a color. And I’ve said it before but I really love your photographs.

    • Thank Sparrow. As a color it is known to have mood enhancing properties so there you go, you’re experiencing them first hand, and I’ve found me a pink soul sister. Have a lovely colorful Easter!

  5. Everything is in the Pink! Great photos — I was trying to identify locations! XO I was a huge fan of ‘Pretty In Pink’ and was inspired by Andie. I saw the Psychedelic Fur in Baltimore a couple years after the movie — Fantastic!

  6. Dievca, I was OBSESSED! The screenplay was serialized in a teen mag I used to read called, happily for me, JACKIE and that’s how I heard about it first. I may have since watched the movie about 40 times. Funnily enough, I never really liked her prom dress; that great background music and her need to prove herself and the cute loaned dress from her friend…and that’s what she came up with! But some other outfits she wore were cracking even by today’s standard. And there was the beautiful conflicted Andrew McCarthy…still sends me off in a Pretty in Pink daydream…

  7. Love pink! Or, at least, I came to love it. In a redecorating fit, I did one of the guest bedrooms pink..

  8. I was a reluctant convert, it must be said. Girly was a dirty word when I was in my twenties. I’d run for the hills at the mere insinuation! Now, bring it on..or maybe it’s a case of Spring it on!

  9. Count me in. I think i’m a pink girl on the inside, although i’d find it hard to wear bright pink now. I can do pink in a subtle way. I think men look great in pink – pink shirts and ties are cool. It takes a real man to wear pink.:o)

    • I’ve heard those Tipperary men are known for their ballsy style 🙂
      I think you could sneak in a flash of fuchsia in a belt or earring. A pink pump? 🙂 Watch your whole day change direction. Just don’t blame me if you get into any trouble! Pink looks innocent but can lead you a merry dance!

      • Ha ha! Not my husband, but then he is colourblind and can’t see pink. I don’t think he knows what pink looks like at all. He has, on occasion dressed my little boy with pink socks etc.
        Thank you for the tips. Could definitely work some pink earrings! :o)

  10. When it comes to this rosy hue, sounds like you and Audrey Hepburn would be the best of chums…
    I can so picture you both, arms linked together, stylishly strolling down streets of NYC declaring…
    “We {I} believe in pink!”
    Absolutely adore the pink hydrangeas and now sending you virtual bouquets of spring pink…
    mixed with Happy Easter hugs and warm wishes~ xo

  11. Hmmm, I guess I like pink because it makes me smile when I see the color. I think it’s because I am such a girly girl :).

  12. To add to your revealing historical curiosities Jackie, on a given day in January each year throughout Australia most Aussie man worth the description wear an item of pink clothing in support of funding for breast cancer. That’s all I have today – I’m leaving this page before I’m seen…

    • Are you in hiding? 🙂
      I didn’t mention the Big C in my post as I wanted to keep pink positive but the pink ribbon is universal but worn by women mostly. Is it the reverse down under?

      • It has strong male participation down here Jackie probably because of the close association with Aussie cricket (search: Jane McGrath) and yes, I forgot that it is of course universal.

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