Location, Location, Location!

I’m happy to present a guest post I wrote for a lovely writer’s website, Disappearing In Plain Sight, in which I try to capture the complicated, frustrating, intriguing city of Milan, who was such an important character in my novel. I hope you enjoy it.


SILK2x2700 Silk for the Feed Dogs , by Jackie Mallon  simply blew me away and I’ve been waiting with bated breath to be able to share Jackie’s guest post and my review of her book. Let’s get things underway with a short bio.

Jackie Mallon is an Irish writer and fashion designer living in New York. After studying at London’s St Martins School, she worked in the world of high fashion in Milan for eight years, stockpiling stories for the novel she didn’t know she was gearing up to write. Jackie is a trained Irish dancer, a secret calligraphist, and needlework enthusiast. She enjoys sketching trees and rainy weather – not necessarily at the same time – and running marathons. She learnt Italian from reading Harry Potter with a dictionary on her daily tram commutes in Milan. She was once a dreadlocked petrol pump attendant and lived above a South London…

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  1. Thanks for the reblog, Jackie. It was a pleasure to host you on my blog and promote your wonderful book.

  2. It’s many years since I left Italy..but reading your book and your guest post brings it all flying back xxx

  3. I’m so delighted you’re reliving and identifying with the old country :-)xo

  4. Jackie, that was a wonderful review Francis gave of your book. I loved your guest post on Milan as well. It’s interesting how a city can get under your skin, even after you pull back the mesh curtain and know it in all it’s grit and grime. Actually, any setting can be like this I guess. San Francisco is still as much a part of me now as it was when I lived there over 20 years ago. But then so is the farmland I grew up in and spent the first 21 years of my life. Ahhh, the review and your own post have got me reminiscing and digressing. Always a good sign 🙂

    • Thanks a million. I enjoyed reliving the memories to write the post. Isn’t it great that we get to experience things again and again in the tiny time traveling room in our head? A sign on the door: Instead of Gone Fishin’ or Out to Lunch, Gone Remembrin”? 🙂

  5. What a fabulous guest post Jackie and such an excellent review by Francis…
    and the picture of the meat hanging in the store window…
    visually hits the nail on the head re: the fashion industry!!
    The picture says it all but your novel says it even better~ xo
    Silk for the Feed Dogs… #AMustRead

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