The Silk Jacket

Out of an impressive line up of jacket options and after in-depth market research, I am excited to reveal to you the jacket of the season. The only one you’ll need. The one that will take you to and from any occasion, from work to cocktails, boardroom to bedroom, the essential jacket for Spring.

But first, thank you, constituents with dual citizenship of Fashionland and Fictionville for making it possible.

You cast your votes. You made your opinions heard. I marked my spreadsheet. I marvelled at your calm reasoning, I amended my spreadsheet. I nodded in agreement. I tallied and totted and dropped a grilled cheese sandwich on my spreadsheet and had to start again. I checked Facebook as votes were flowing in from there too. I emitted some surprised noises. I blew kisses at the screen every time someone commented that I should create an illustrated edition of the novel (that would truly be a joy). I put a word in to my agent. Nothing doing. So I returned to my spreadsheet. I found a discrepancy and had to add the votes again. I did it a third time to be sure. But the figures are the figures.

I think you’ll agree a worthy candidate has been chosen.

Without further ado, may I introduce to you, ladies and gentlemen…

The Jacket of the season…

SILK2x2700Because every girl needs to step out stylishly when the weather changes.

The flamboyant fuchsia will be whipped off the shelves next week and the daffodil yellow will take its place. So if fuchsia is your color you still have a few days to snap it up if you hurry! You can buy Silk for the Feed Dogs here. 


  1. petermcl2013

    Perfect for Spring and goes with everything!!

  2. Love it love it! it was my fave too

  3. Not the one I voted for (mainly because I didn’t wanna let go of fuschia completely… :-)) but it does look really fresh and attractive, I admit! I hope you don’t give up on the idea of an illustrated book sometime in the future…. but OK, first things first! xxx

    • Thanks Lia. There’s something very Parisian about it, I think. Don’t know why. But I’m happy with it. And the fuchsia will live on in the hearts of the pioneers 😉

  4. Fab! the red laces and the stripy socks are genius! xxx

  5. Oh, am I ever so HAPPY that I helped chose the final jacket 😀

  6. I love it! Mind you I was one of the people who voted for the ‘roaring dogs’. But really, I love this one, too!

  7. Truly a fabulous illustration and creates just the right amount of curiosity to hook any potential book store shopper and entice them to pluck it from the shelf…
    will treasure my flamboyant fuchsia jacket…
    but must have the daffodil yellow too…
    as this girl needs both JackieM jackets!! ~xo

  8. Okay – you can go ahead with that Jackie.

  9. katieannehedderman

    Love this! Such a beautiful illustration Jackie 🙂 x

  10. J’adore the new jacket!

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