Overdressed, naturally.

There is no better designer than nature                                                                                                                                                                                                                         -Alexander McQueen

Today as I walked to work, the city was draped in crystal. Ice rain had fallen overnight and transformed winter’s bare branches into chandeliers  above the beds of snow. Berries clumped together, shiny and viscous as if they were glistening with sugar during jam-making. Signposts fringed and tasseled. The temptation to run a stick along the icicles like the keys of a xylophone. Trees bearing their own little handbells. I imagined I heard their tinkling above the roar of the garbage truck. Whistling among the twigs. The wind blowing through the delicate little glass tubes as if they were flutes.

No, there was just the roar of the garbage truck. But the sight was uplifting enough. Spontaneous pieces of art modelled during the night while we slept, already melting, gone by the time I was returning home this evening,

Created so nonchalantly by nature, reminding me of the equally delicate but highly engineered sculptural creations of Dutch designer, Tord Boontje.

Walk this way…

IMG_1110IMG_1098IMG_1104IMG_1108IMG_1100IMG_1103IMG_1097IMG_1102IMG_1115IMG_1114Tord boontjeTord boontje 1Tord boontje 2Tord boontje 6Tord boontje 3Tord boontje 4Tord boontje 5Tord boontje 7My novel is available. You can buy Silk for the Feed Dogs here.


  1. Wonderful images!! Love his designs. Actually have one of his cut metal pieces wound around lampshade in my loo. These were designed for sale through Habitat. Thanks for sharing icy images.

  2. Monica

    Nice Pics Jackie!! and Wonderful and fun to read post as well, as usual!!! 🙂

  3. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful….
    your photos and Tord Boontje designs…
    amazing how nature moves + inspires…
    thank you for introducing us to Tord~

  4. All that ice is a wonder to me down here in the panhandle of Florida. We got a little taste of it last week though!

  5. Just mentioned Silk For The Feed Dogs and you in my latest post! http://wp.me/p36w0d-hS

  6. I walked to work in darkness and almost bit the dust on ice patches scattered along the sidewalks….your walk was much safer and more elegant.
    I, too, have the Tord Boontje metallic garlands — gorgeous!

  7. They look amazing! Thank you for sharing. It’s so beautiful!!!

  8. Pure naturalistic art; some pieces made by nature, others inspired by it – either way gorgeous! Thank you for this cool walk!

  9. Gorgeous pictures. I love your line, ” Ice rain had fallen overnight and transformed winter’s bare branches into chandeliers above the beds of snow”. Beautiful description. Happy to find you here.

  10. You have proved that nothing we mere mortals can do will ever top the beauty of nature…but that should not stop us from trying.

    And the opening line was worth the read alone.

    • Thank you. I think when we learn that nature rules and we do best to work in harmony with her we will be more successful and the world will be a more beautiful place. Why do we continue to fight her? Mother (Nature) knows best 🙂

  11. Love the pictures, especially the transition from nature to art-reflecting-nature! If I found a sofa suspending in the forest like that I would never leave. Jx

  12. Thanks Jade. I could swing between those trees all weekend with a stack of books. I’d even forego WiFi and everything 🙂

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