Street Fashion

Walking through New York city, you should keep alert for two phenomena: celebrity spotting and street fashion. Well, yesterday on my way to lunch with a friend, I scored a double whammy when I spied that unmistakeable helmet page boy and powdered wig up ahead. There they were, just two buddies hanging out on a not particularly trendy downtown sidewalk.

Had their drivers forgotten them? Had they hightailed down several side streets to lose the tofu pie-hurling PETA activists? Were they in need of directions to Katz’s Diner for a photo shoot where they would reenact Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal’s famous scene over a heaped pastrami sandwich? Was this a new couple sighting? (Anna likes older men. At 15, she dated a 24-year-old. And Karl’s last-known relationship seems to have been with his Persian cat, Choupette…) Were they hoping their private helicopter could land on the roof of Trump SoHo?  Trying to score drugs but forgetting it wasn’t the 1980s?  Interviewing passersby on how it feels to be fat? Daring each other to try Citybike? On a pub crawl? Filming a street scene for their new reality TV show, Keeping Up With Anna and Karl–Extreme Weight Loss Edition? Searching for a new reggae club to get their “ridim” on? Sourcing a new Chinatown dry cleaners with access to industrial deposits of starch for his collars and her knickers..?

“You’ll never guess who I just saw…?” I said, excitedly pulling off my coat and sitting down at the table where my friend was frowning and pointing at the time.

“I know,” I said. “But I’m fashionably late.”

We see eye to eye, don't we?

Who cares about anyone else? At least we see eye to eye, don’t we?

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  1. Love it! Walked the High Line and saw some up top graffiti, but not as good as yours~ 🙂

  2. I don’t know the album or the lyrics, so I am useless….I do have a view on BDSM and being a Feminist. BDSM is consensual, it is a choice, a negotiation. Feminism is about Men and Women being equal in all avenues of life. If I choose to do something, design it, negotiate it and agree to it — be it sexual, a job description, a vacation choice, I have and hold value in that venue. Master and I give equally in our Power Exchange. To me what I give up is what I gain and what works for me sexually and in life. I see myself as equal to Master, I just have different needs. If that doesn’t happen for a couple/poly family then the BDSM or a regular relationship isn’t safe, sane and consensual. That may bring out feminist concerns. The problem is you cannot make a sweeping feminist statement about someone’s sexual preferences because everyone is different and what works for Beyonce and JZ might not be equal for Master and dievca.

  3. Wow, I often spot Jefferson Hack from Dazed & Confused on my street. But that’s about it. No A nor K. That’s glamorous!!

  4. Did you seriously see Wintour and Lagerfeld? What a couple. I love the new show she’s doing. I think he’s a doofus-he’s not on it though, so that’s alright.
    I saw Beyonce’s performance on the Grammy’s and the stripper pole aspect made me slightly uncomfortable as I was watching it with a 14 yr old nephew. {wince} She’s very fit and pretty but i couldn’t get the lyrics. As in I couldn’t hear them properly. BDSM is a choice between couples and if it works for them, and it seems to, they’re very in love, then good for them. Me? Nope. I loved Kacey Musgrave for the song (brilliant) and the wonderful country light up boots and that DRESS! Wow…best dressed though? Had to be Daft Punk. Where do they get those beautifully tailored suits?

    • The wall art was as close as I got 🙂 My husband sees her all the time though on her street. Beginning to wonder what’s going on there 😉
      I saw the performance too and had many mixed feelings. But all this talk of feminism leaves me with the question “Why does feminism nowadays always boil down to a woman on a crash diet embracing the right to bare all before millions of people?” I want more godammit! But boy did she look great… but still! So confused. Why are we emulating strippers?–not that I’ve anything against a good honest stripper but…Daft Punk did look grew, you’re right,t and funnily enough, the opposite of Beyonce–completely covered up and anonymous–but adored worldwide. When I weigh those two sides up, I think “What feminism?”

  5. This really is a cool picture 🙂 Couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw it. Thanks for posting this unusual pic of two fashion icons 😉

  6. Early never seems to be in fashion. 🙂

  7. A sighting worth 1,000 points! Even here in LA I couldn’t come with anything better

  8. I knew it was too good to be true-but the graffiti art is wonderful. I wonder if Beyonce’s Chime for Change is still gathering steam? I can’t imagine that costume would be terribly successful in concert in most of the world. Nor would the stripper moves. It may be offensive to the eyes of many of the women she claims to champion-but I suppose any change might be for the better. She has the figure to pull off a full on covered up suit like Daft Punk but I don’t think it would be as popular as a g string here in the States. Feminism? Didn’t see any sign of it from her. Using sexuality to manipulate men is not a sign of feminism to me. Freedom? Sure it is. But feminism? Not to me.
    Did you check out Kacey Musgraves dress?

    • I didn’t stay for long. Remember that guilt I wrote about..? 😉 It made me turn off not long after Beyonce. So I didn’t see this dress you speak of but I will have to check out Youtube. Incidentally a friend of mine is one of the competing duos on Anna’s new show. Won’t tell you which one but they don’t win… no spoiler alert needed. And I haven’t even seen any of that show yet either but I intend to tune in this week and the marathon it 🙂

  9. Oh so sorry to hear your friend didn’t win. I have to say that there isn’t a single one of them that aren’t eye poppingly good. My favorite is the lady who makes the lucite bags. My fav performance of the Grammy’s-and it was pretty good this year-was Metallica with the Classical Chinese pianist. He kept up! Didn’t get drowned out. And Imagine Dragons. And Kacey Musgraves. And Willie, Waylon and the boys. Actually it was a good show. For once. Even Swifty was fantastic. (taylor) I have it dvr’d so I can watch it at leisure. But I skip past Beyonce because I’m not 14 yrs old and a boy.

  10. Peter McLaughlin

    Lol, I’d love to see these two on a pub crawl!! Although I bet they’re both like the queen and don’t carry money, (eeww, what a tacky low class thing to do!) then hear their shock when they actually have to pay for something!

  11. Twenty years ago we had Mary Whitehouse who was continually complaining that the media portrayal of many things, including women was on a slippery slope and things would only get worse. I hated her suffocating freedom. Forward twenty years, and whether it’s my additional twenty years or not, I can see she was right. Even more worrying the answer now given is that these women have ‘chosen’ to portray themselves like this and therefore ‘retain control’. Who are they trying to kid? xxx

  12. I have nominated you for the Wonderful Team Member Readership Award because I think your blog is fabulous:

  13. Definitely the most colourful + powerful skeleton duo I have ever seen…
    lol…and that heart in between them….
    it’s the skeletal twist?!! 😉

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