Me on the radio

Here is a recording of the radio interview I did recently. It aired on a variety of stations in the UK, US, Australia and New Zealand. In it, I discuss my career in the fashion industry, the heady thrills, the tumbling spills, and how it inspired my novel Silk for the Feed Dogs.

So pour yourself a pint of the black stuff, sink back into your easy chair and let my dulcet tones carry you off on a flight of fashion and fancy…

Click here for interview.

Silky smooth

Silky smooth

My novel is now available. You can buy Silk for the Feed Dogs here.


  1. terminalbeard

    Thank you for posting this Jackie. I had tried and failed to catch it before. Great to hear your voice and the interviewer seemed genuinely enthusiastic and positive, well done. I am up to Napoli in Silk for the Feed Dogs, reading slow to make it last.

  2. I agree with the radio announcer – Brilliant! Great personal path or congratulations on your personal path to Greatness! XO

  3. Thank you Dievca for your hearty encouragement. I really appreciate it. XO!

  4. Four years well spent Jackie! Great to put a voice, to the face, to the pen! Congratulations again. xxx

  5. Well spoken, Jackie! It was great to hear your voice too. I am very impressed 😊 x

  6. Go jackie!! It was great to put the voice to the words!! xxxxxx

  7. Congrats on your 4 yrs of hard work…
    what a great accomplishment…
    can’t wait to read your book…
    such an awesome interview!!

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