Naughty or nice?

My first Christmas pressie arrived in the mail yesterday. It was from myself. It takes the pressure off loved ones if I stuff my own stocking. Although there’s room for additions.

This is not something I would have rushed out and bought any other Christmas. Maybe in my 20s when shock value was an integral ingredient of my everyday attire, when I was a walking billboard for slogans, clashing prints and controversial images; when I was an uncalled-for exclamation point assaulting you in a sentence. Now, some years later this logo across my front requires a little bit of reflection.IMG_0999

Playboy has featured writing from Nabokov, Heller, Hemingway, Kerouac and Capote. But I wouldn’t have read it. I can find their writing elsewhere. It was a boys club of squelching leather couches, ice knocking in brandy tumblers, animal skins, Warhol triptychs, from which I was excluded. “I buy it for the articles” induced a wry smirk. The magazine’s recent aims to become relevant would have produced a roll of the eye. Words like iconic, Americana, freedom, feminism, zeitgeist and political rang empty; a woman with her tits out and a tail pinned to her arse shoots all that down in a hail of machismo.


Unwrapping my gift

Then Kate got involved. Well, that fairly shook my self-righteous foundations to their very cornerstone. There she was staring over her shoulder at me, beckoning, almost winking, alluring as a Bond girl. In her collaboration with Marc Jacobs, with a percentage of sales benefitting Amfar, she graces the front of a T-shirt in an image from her Jan 2014 Playboy photoshoot.

As you know, she is the Pied Piper, dear followers, and I follow her magic tune.

Cover girl

Cover girl

I find myself focussing on how her head is obscuring the ‘n’ of men. Entertainment for me sounds more Kate. Not a vulnerable girl but a woman, a mother, a veteran of image creation, celebrating her 40th birthday, Kate is photographed by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott, her most trusted photographer friends. She is a style icon who courts no paparazzi,  offers no soundbites, experiences dramatic downfalls, gets her shit together, offers no apology, doesn’t cry on Oprah, nor publish reassurances that it won’t happen again. Because it’s none of your business.

These images show Kate more covered up than many of her fashion editorials. She has been vocal about how the fashion industry took advantage of her as a 14-year-old model so there is the implication that, having been the figure in the camera lens ever since, she has now become the one in charge.

Lady Gaga crowd surfing at Lollapalooza

Lady Gaga crowd surfing at Lollapalooza


Playboy has become irrelevant in recent years because the imagery that used to be exclusive to its glossy pages is now all around. I find the Kardashians spilling out of their too-small clothing more vulgar than Playboy.  Former bunnies are now television celebrities. Lady Gaga wears less on stage in front of an audience of 13-year-olds than vintage bunnies.

So after much reflection, I gave Kate’s pert, 40-year-old derriere a proud airing in my Friday morning design class. The students, fed on a diet of E! Entertainment, loved it, one commenting that it was “very charming.” Playboy may have all but lost the ability to offend but I have grown up with Kate, she has accompanied me through my fashion career, we are of an age. That’s the only reason I display Hugh Hefner’s company logo. Woman to woman, bunny tail to belly button.

Or am I a woman of so little substance that I can turn tail and bob off in the opposite direction so easily..?

I'm in Playboy!

Me and Kate in Playboy!

When you’re ordering your copy of Playboy, be sure and check out my book! You can buy Silk for the Feed Dogs here.



  1. I saw that spread, is it okay to call it a spread with no tongue in cheek intended? Or pun either…she looks amazing and you put it very well. I love that she never apologized for behavior that had nothing to do with me. I don’t look for ‘icons’ to look up to. I didn’t as a child (except for Mom) and I don’t as an adult. I do remember seeing a girl in Playboy and wanting to look just like her, though. It was Marilyn Monroe.

    • That Marilyn spread was lovely. It was the one before she was peroxide, right? Long wavy brown hair. Totally wholesome “spreadable” goodness. 🙂

      • Yes, Marilyn on the beach looking fresh and lovely and who could forget the red velvet bedspread. Now, THAT was a beautiful woman. I went to the Playboy Club and Hef’s place a couple of times. Never thought those girls could hold a candle to Marilyn. Many millions of men would probably disagree.

      • What were you doing hanging out at the Bunny Ranch, Miss Thing. Some secrets of a past life you want to take this opportunity to reveal..? 🙂

      • I was delivering flowers for Crossley’s who had the contract at Hef’s place. I did the floating flowers in little vases and launched them into the pool for parties. Very pretty. I was never competitive enough to try for Playboy-I was busy with my ‘career’ as an extra in horrible movies. The Bunny Club was a good place for drinks in Century City. Right by the Schubert Theatre where my sis worked. I went there a lot. (Met lot’s of fabulously wealthy men there too! Just a coincidence, I’m sure)

      • How fascinating, You have lived a few lives there. Bet you could tell a story or two!

  2. you know…I aspire to look like that when I grow up…oh look. I am grown up. crap.
    Doesnt she look amazing? Well, actually,I saw Ben Afflecks name first…wink wink…

    Still waiting on my drone from amazon..I CANT WAIT!

  3. Kate moss is simply awesome!

  4. I’m a Mossy girl..but..voice of dissent..I didn’t like the spread. I thought some of the pictures looked awkward – particularly the ones on her knees. Something just didn’t gel for me. But the t-shirt is fab – now that’s a pose! xxx

    • Well, now, you rabble rouser, you! Actually I have to admit just between me, you and the Christmas wreath on the front door, I thought the same of the kneeling pose. But, see, I’m more forgiving of the state of the old girl’s joints now that she’s pushing on. That pleading look in her eyes reads “How the feck will I get up if they keep me down here much longer..? Ow! CRAMP!!” 🙂

  5. The like goes partly to you wearing the t-shirt in class… the other part to your students who loved it!

  6. A double scoop of Like, I’ll take it!

  7. My only experience with a playboy was when one was accidentally sent to my house in college and my roommates and I poured over every page in wonder… despite being surrounded by far racier images everyday there was still something just so taboo about reading that magazine, ha.

  8. I love the T-shirt! I have no idea about the spread — I’ll take a peek when I can. I have been to a Playboy Mansion as a child! (really– there were areas) and there were glasses with bunnies lurking around our house….an interesting time, the 70’s.

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