Fairytale of New York

Yesterday, we had the first snow of the season in NYC. The flakes were dappling the branches of downtown as I set off walking and by the time I had gone about ten blocks, it had laid its silent layers. It takes a lot to shut up New York’s City’s incessant yakking but a few inches of snow will do it. She looks so beautiful when she hasn’t got so much to say for herself. That girl should just sit back and rely on her looks more often. IMG_0758IMG_0759IMG_0783IMG_0787IMG_0813

Downtown grit becomes uptown glamour before I know it.IMG_0978IMG_0819IMG_0854IMG_0941I will not go above 14th Street unless there is cake involved.

IMG_0868Oh, sweetie, you want cake, why didn’t you say? I know just the place…IMG_0871IMG_0866IMG_0865I almost didn’t come back from this. It was touch and go. Anyway, thanks, lady, now adopt a forward motion. Away from the cakes.IMG_0957Oh, is that gratuitous Prada? I apologize. I don’t know how that got mixed up in there.IMG_0931IMG_0877IMG_0992IMG_0892Time’s ticking. It’ll soon be Christmas. And speaking of time…IMG_0881IMG_0883…how’s that for an hourglass?IMG_0902I’m on a roll, Twinkletoes. Shoes are considered Christmas ornaments, you know?IMG_0887And what girl doesn’t need a stud for Christmas?IMG_0988IMG_0945I think Christmas shopping needs to be tackled with military precision. Are you with me? Left, right, left, right…IMG_0947We’ve got your back, ladies. Carry on.IMG_0940Oh, but I was hoping for a late breakfast. Maybe at Tiffany’s…IMG_0906IMG_0907I’ve finally found my new apartment! It’s in the window of Tiffany’s. Look at my lovely refined neighbors. I really fit in in this area of town. They’re just my kind of people.IMG_0911If you come round and leave a housewarming gift like this on my doorstep, I assure you I will not set the dogs on you.IMG_0917Although one of the Fendimonsters might escape. They’re wily little buggers.IMG_0980IMG_0951IMG_0953IMG_0950What, it’s Christmas tree-shapedIMG_0935IMG_0982Now, them’s two dames mighty worth keeping an eye on. Whadya say, sport, shall we ask them to a spot of supper?IMG_0985This time of year really brings the riffraff uptown.IMG_0958Oh, goodness, is that more gratuitous Prada? I just don’t know how it sneaked in.IMG_0948This poor little tramp had to retreat up a tree away from all the Christmas madness. He wishes he were downtown but he’s worn holes in the soles of his shoes and hasn’t the subway fare.

Could be worse: he could be up this tree and his pants would catch fire…

IMG_0996IMG_0939IMG_0938IMG_0928But tell me, where else would you see Woody, Liza and Kate?IMG_0900IMG_0916The ‘Ready Brek glow’ is actually the sign of someone in need of a cocktail. Plaza, prepare my stool, I am in arrivoIMG_0961IMG_0965IMG_0964IMG_0963IMG_0973IMG_0976A sidecar and some truffle flavored popcorn? Don’t mind if I do, good sir.

My novel is a perfect stocking filler. You don’t even need to go out in the cold. Why, no need to thank me, you’re welcome. You can buy Silk for the Feed Dogs here.


  1. Peter McLaughlin

    Those cocktails look delicious!!

  2. terminalbeard

    Reminds me of how much I loved walking around New York city. Thank you for taking me back to my childhood home filled with many walking memories. Ten blocks, Twenty blocks, Thirty blocks, through the park, to the river, Living on fifth ave across from the MMoA, I misspent much of my youth around the great city but walking was wonderful….

  3. i take it….you purchased those highly inexpensive Valentino shoes for me and they are under your tree waiting for moi??
    glorious glorious NYC at Christmas…the life you lead..you are fine fine fine Jackie… FINE!

    • OHHHH and speaking of CHRISTMAS…..MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ME!….I ordered myself SILK FOR THE FEED DOGS! and I CANT WAIT TO GET IT! I am secretly waiting for the amazon drone now..it has been 10 minutes…give or take 10 minutes…did you smack it hard with your lips? and hug it tight good bye? how would you like me to sign your name?

    • I am a fine fine fine LOLLYGAGGER! that’s what I am! And there’s room in NYC for two of us, should you want to come rescue your Valentino shoes before the drones are tested on them. I can’t vouch for their safe arrival with this new fangled transport system. Come and get them…dangle, dangle…ooh, they is fine…

  4. Someone did go above 14th Street and saw quite a bit of GORGEOUS stuff! What fun! XO

  5. WOW! What a post! I haven’t been to NYC and now I wonder why? What an impressive and beautiful set of photographs Jackie. You’re so incredibly talented. That first one was stunning and they just got better. Yes, I think it’s time I made my way east. And thanks again for the virtual tour! FABULOUS!!!

  6. I think I have died and gone to heaven! Love love love!!! xxxxxxxxx

  7. Beautiful tour of New York in Christmas time!!

  8. Oh, the cake! And the shoes! What a perfectly romantic view of the city! Thanks for sharing!

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