Just released! Next House of Adriani for Yansé Bowles World Tour Look!

Yanse Bowles 3 1Kat created this sapphire beaded showstopper late one Thursday night when the halls of the House of Adriani were otherwise deserted and all the other designers had gone home hours before. She knew when she put her pens down that it was just what the singer was looking for. Made of fine Italian silk, it will be hand beaded in a House of Adriani factory outside Florence. Now Kat’s next concern is to ensure it will arrive in time for the last leg of Yansé’s world tour which kicks off in Rio de Janeiro.

To learn about all of Kat’s adventures in fashion, you can buy Silk for the Feed Dogs here.


  1. Peter McLaughlin

    Ohhh where can we get tickets for the concert? I always wanted to go to Rio!!

  2. What a beautiful dress!! The concert must not be on the beach in Rio then! Thanks for stopping by my blog as well. Much appreciated.

  3. Yansé Bowles eh? Looking blue-tylicious!

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