A Blogger’s Thursday

I know a little about almost everything now that I’m a blogger. Enough to partake in light dinner party conversation over the veal but not enough to tap my glass with the silverware and address the room. All the same, decidedly more than I knew before.

You see, now that I’m building my on-line community, making new friends, following those whose jib I like the cut of, I try to keep up to date with what they write. It’s a lot of output. It turns out they are an industrious little group. Which comes as a shock because that’s not the type of individual I usually attract. My virtual buddies can impart knowledge on a veritable cornucopia of topics. From calcium supplements to Contemporary Modern Art in Chicago.

Modern day town criers they are, dressed in red and gold robes, white breeches, and a tricorne hat, but wielding a Mac, instead of a hand bell.

Oyez! Oyez!

Oyez! Oyez!

Oyez! Oyez! TC Boyle has a new book out! As has Coca Cola, celebrating its iconic bottle’s appearance in movies and music throughout the years. Oyez! Best ankle boots for under 150 euros!

These busy bellmen make me feel like the slothful, indolent village skiver who, after an afternoon doing nothing but supping ale, is lying sprawled by the door of the inn wearing only one shoe, the last few coins he has in the world trickling from his pocket.You see, after the town crier announces his business, he posts his notice to the door of the inn. Well, it’s the sound of his hammering that lurches me from my boozy slumber. Could you keep it down, please?

And yet I feel I am scrambling to keep up with all this new activity in my life. I must have been truly bone idle before!

Who knew orange blusher was so good! Branding your blog! The world’s first platinum stiletto worth 70,000 pounds!

At the moment when one of my blogging community posts something new, it as if they are saying Tag ,you’re it. And so I’m chasing…


Bridge and Del: The new Edge of Reason

Bridge and Del: The new Edge of Reason

Bridget Jones book mistakenly printed containing sections from David Jason’s autobiography!

Oh, now that’s a pairing! Marc Darcy’s dead and our Bridge has shacked up with Delboy? I would definitely read that.

Why new writers shouldn’t start blogs! That one got a lot of ‘Likes’ ironically.

My ex has been reading my blog!  I’d never thought of that. Wonder is mine..?

I remind myself that I’m usually quite slow to adapt. I don’t necessarily rush out and embrace new ways of doing things. I tend to live life like Jane Fonda’s character in 9 To 5 when she misses the button on the hi-tech room-sized Xerox copy machine and a surplus of pages come flying at her face. But this time I don’t want to be one of those people that her colleague Doralee rails against with their: “all takin’ and no givin’. They just use your mind and never give you credit. It’s enough to drive you crazy if you let it.”

It’s YA Thursday! WordPress has new themes! Whimsical Swedish Watercolourist Becomes Fashion Favourite!

I want to contribute. I do. We’re in this together…

So five more minutes have passed and I have admired the cover of Elle Vietnam and Vogue Thailand and learned that The blanket scarf is Autumn’s best bet!

Seven minutes after that, newly emerged from a post which attempted to dispel the myth that all goths are satanists, I realize something. Friends, I must tune you guys out. You have become the new voices in my head. I need to write something immediately. Because I don’t want to lose my friends.

Now what should I write about…

My first novel is out now. You can buy Silk for the Feed Dogs here.


  1. Tuesday, wrote Mr Kipling… 🙂

  2. Love the humor. The words just seem to run out from you. Thanks for the like on how 1000 readers recovered this missing woman. Keep up the joy.

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