Collecting Stamps

I feel like a stamp collector.

Silk for the Feed Dogs has been getting these little shout outs from all over the globe, little trumpet blasts streaming fuchsia, purple and white. They manage to be adorable and charming in this digital age, these little posts that pop up from Amazon on my Facebook page informing me that another friend has just ordered my novel. I’m pasting them into this post like stamps into an album.

In English

In English

I get a thrill especially if the little announcement is in a different language. I delight in the idea that my novel is sitting on coffee tables of countries I’ve never even visited. They’re little postcards from people I don’t get to see as much as I would like and some I haven’t seen in years. Wish you were here!

Screen Shot 2013-09-22 at 5.30.48 PM

Here’s one in German…too cute

They’ve all been keenly supporting what I have been doing. School pals have been coming out of nowhere and looking me up and telling others about me. Favourite school teachers and old bosses, they’ve all gotten in touch and it’s great to hear what they’ve been up to. Silk for the Feed Dogs is like a high school reunion or as close as I’ve ever been to one. I’m feeding off everyone’s excitement as it’s still hard to take in from where I’m sitting.


And here's an Italian one!

And here’s an Italian one!

While I don’t yet know the extent of my broader readership–that’s still a mystery that will be revealed in due course after algorithms have been analyzed, ranks are studied, and numbers totted up–these little stamps of approval tell me something equally important: the gang’s back together.







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