JW Anderson: Dressing for dinner

Kat and Edward sit down to watch the JW Anderson Spring/Summer 2014 show…

“He’s Irish, you know? There used to be an Anderson that Da rented land to, years ago. I wonder if he’s related… Apparently LVMH is sniffing around. They say he’s destined for great things. Have you noticed how many designers are coming out of Ireland now?”

“Can’t say as I have.”

“It might be a movement. Okay. Here we go.”






“Carrier bags?”

“Doesn’t it look light as a feather though? And are those pleats? It more interesting than organza, isn’t it? What do you think it is?”

“I think it’s making my asthma play up is what it is.”







“We’ve all done it. Slipped off to the bathroom still wearing our napkin.”

“I see no straps. I wonder what’s holding it up?”

“Butter, probably.”







“Here he’s playing with the idea of dickie bows…”

“God, enough!  When’s Dolce & Gabbana showing?”

“Come on, Edward, challenge yourself a little. Try to see the innovation. I’m proud of him; and he’s homegrown.”

“It looks like she’s caught it in her bra on one side, poor love.. I’m just glad I do menswear. Where is the sex and glamour in any of this? The Alexis Carrington Colby Dexter factor. Or didn’t they have that over there?”







“That’s right, sling a table cloth around her, tie it and call it a night!”

“Don’t you think there’s something Japanese about it though? I love the length. Do you think I am too short to wear that length?”

“Can we talk about those unfortunate shoes. This girl is getting no dessert. She’s getting nothing sweet, ever.”







“Who ordered the half-skinned chicken? What, Kat? I’m entertained…Don’t I seem it?”









“Models so hungry even their clothes grow mouths…”







“But I bet they all stop at Waffle House on the way home…”








“Oh hello, hang about. Is that him? You didn’t tell me he was such a cutie.”

“He is really cute.”

“See, we agree on something.”

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