Published: A Magical Day

I sit between two heavyweights, Zadie Smith and Keith Richards. I rub shoulders, well, spines with Edith Wharton and Virginia Woolf…

Let me clarify. My novel Silk for the Feed Dogs went on sale on Amazon on Friday. Exciting. Indeed, I am writing this on the other side of a rather excitable bout of cocktail drinking. That first celebratory sip of the peach-coloured concoction bookended a five-year experience that started when I put pen to paper one sunny morning in Doma cafe, the old one on Perry Street, and didn’t stop writing, my evenings spent hunched over my kitchen table, locked away from the world, until my story felt complete.

I haven’t seen the book yet. You might even see it before me. In this age of Print On Demand, I must wait to inspect the quality of the pages, investigate how it smells, run my fingers along the cover. Is the jacket matt or glossy? Do the colours of my cover art pop as I hope? I’m sure the owner of the nation’s corner book store, the goodly Mr Amazon, will send me my copy soon and my mind will be put at rest.

Right where I belong

Right where I belong

In the meantime, I decided to make my own book. A prototype, if you like. Using a Charles Dickens compilation–symbolic, you see: It’s huge and so is the feat of getting published. In my mind, my book should really be the size of a small child’s paddling pool but I was daunted by the idea of prototyping on that scale. Next I took a sheet of white paper and covered the Dickens tome like my mum used to do to my school textbooks to keep them neat. Then I taped an image of my book cover to the spine. I slid it n between my favourites and thought I heard my bookshelf sigh contentedly. But that might have been me.

I noticed some early bird readers of Silk for the Feed Dogs have already left me some lovely reviews on Amazon and I’m deeply grateful. E-book buyers leave me for dust as I wait by my mailbox for the arrival of my printed book (for only then, you see, will I believe I’ve done it!) But I take heart in the knowledge that my very first readers– trendsetters and trailblazers that they are–are enjoying my words that materialize on their magic screens with the merest caress of a button. It makes the whole experience of publishing my first novel seem even more magical.

I must be off now to dust my bookshelf.

You can buy Silk for the Feed Dogs here.


  1. Congratulations! That’s quite a feat. 🙂

  2. Congratulations Jackie, looking forward to reading it!

  3. Many congratulations! Strangely, I did a similar thing. I printed out the cover I was sent and glued it to an old paperback. Just to convince myself that it was real! Best of luck with it!

  4. Tore Alvestad

    Looking forward to reading your book! Let me know if you should pass by Oslo on your promotion trip!

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