Inspiration Drive

Somewhere around Sedona, Arizona, there is a road called Inspiration Drive. We happened upon it on a road trip, my soon-to-be husband Chris and I. We’d travelled on Carefree Highway during the same trip. I’ve heard there’s an Awesome Street somewhere but I’ve not made it there yet.

Things I Love About The US, Number 537: public highways named to reflect everyone’s private search for enlightenment. We’re going on a journey within a journey.


Chris and I had set off on foot to explore some of the area’s famous healing vortexes when the weirdest thing happened. We got lost. If you know us, you’ll not think that too weird in itself. But this wasn’t a case of taking a wrong turn. We found ourselves mysteriously transported across major highways and miles from our destination, without knowing it was happening. I think we were lifted. I really do, and so does Chris.

Those vortexes are some powerful phenomena, he said, looking around, baffled. We had no idea which direction to take. From Carefree Highway to Inspiration Drive, we’d gotten carried away, chasing our high.

Inspiration does that. Throws you completely off track and you lose chunks of time. But you feel uplifted after it strikes.

Hours passed and we walked till our legs ached. We were still trying to find our way back to the car when the sun was setting. Beyond confused, we turned. Then we saw it. No, not the car. A searing swirl of sunset blooming across the sky like paint released in a glass of water, saturating it, becoming a kaleidoscope of red, purple and orange that made us lightheaded. We felt so insignificant standing before it and yet special at the same time. Everything was tinged with a fiery glow–trees, buildings, our skin. It was a glorious light show extravaganza designed to reward only those who’d wandered far enough off the beaten track. It didn’t last long but it stayed with us.

If we’d followed a map for a more direct route we’’d have been back at our motel hours ago. Had time for a nice shower before dinner. Instead, sweaty, tired and hungry, we grabbed snacks from the vending machine in the lobby and barely exchanged a word. We didn’t know if we’d been swallowed up by one of the vortexes or vice versa because the vision of the sunset was still gleaming from behind the pupils of Chris’s eyes back in our room.

If you should travel along Inspiration Drive make no plans for the rest of the day. You never know what time you’ll be back, or what shape you’ll be in. You’ll return with a story to tell. But only if only you can find the words.

I use the photo as my screensaver to inspire me when I have writer’s block. I often have a story to tell but struggle to come up with the words.


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  1. Great piece, Jackie, enjoyed a lot. Great picture too!

    Date: Fri, 23 Aug 2013 16:49:52 +0000 To:

  2. Thanks Colin, I appreciate it!

  3. rebekahcoleman

    I would loveee to stop by inspiration drive! great picture, it shows that there is still some hope in the world

  4. miniflapjack

    Great post!

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